The Grenada Benevolent Society UK was the brainchild of Christopher Quashie - he wanted a place for the new arrivals from Grenada, Carriacou and Petite Martinique to gather. Over the past 40 years with the help and support of fellow Grenadian nationals, the Society has become the largest Grenadian national organisation in the UK. During these 40 years the Society has raised funds to help those back home and, more recently over the years, other Caribbean islands and the UK.

The organisation gained charity status on 15 December 2003 .

To this day, the Society remains committed to its causes and has made many donations. It should be noted that the Society does not exist to promote the work of any one individual, but the united works of the Society as a whole.

Members of the Society are dedicated to organising fundraising events such as: Senior Citizen's and Children's Christmas Parties, Presentation Dinner and Dances, Coach Trips and many more.

The three main aims of the Society are to keep on thriving, to organise more successful events and to keep to its ethos for years to come.

"Three Islands - One Nation".